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Our Project Methodology - KayTech Coverage Solutions Keeps It Simple

The critical success steps required to fulfill the mission of delivering a quality indoor wireless solution include the following:

Site Survey

Each facility always has some unique challenge, but given our long time experience in building construction materials and methods, we are able to resolve those issues quickly. Each building needs to be inspected for a variety of characteristics such as materials, locations of key passageways, locations for equipment placement and current RF signal level conditions.


Based on the data collected from the site survey and using industry standard design software, a solution will be provided that enhances coverage to all of the areas required. Indoor antennas will be placed in locations to provide the best coverage possible. The final design will be included in the bid.


A project manager will determine a timeline for project completion, providing you with weekly status reports. Our professional team of integrators will install the necessary equipment in your facility. Structured cabling professionals that regularly work in your facility can be hired to complete cabling, if required or deemed more efficient.


To ensure long-term stability of your new DAS, it will be configured to run efficiently in a low stress condition to maximize reliability. Our solutions engineering team provides the expertise needed to keep your system on-air for the long term.

Post Install Review

The project manager will meet the client a month after the project commissioning to review coverage quality and quality of customer experience.

Warranty& Long Term Support

KayTech Coverage Solutions offers a suite of maintenance agreements to guarantee your network uptime.

We craft our solutions with technology partners that are approved by the wireless service providers; and know how to execute on all phases of the project from design to implementation. KayTech Coverage Solutions is keeping it simple for you.